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A flat roof in ​Kerry despite their title is a roof which is not level, in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope of a roof is also known as its pitch and flat roofs have to be up to approximately 10 - 15°, to allow for rain to flow off the roof. 

Flat roofs have been in use since ancient times mostly in extreme climates and built up areas as they allow the roof space to be used as an extra living space or a living roof.

You can have different types of roof mainly EPDM or TPO, Built-up Flat Roof, Modified Bitumen and Fibreglass.  Whatever the type of flat roof you are looking for we can help you.  ​Check our ​maany locations below.

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fibreglass flat roofing

Fibreglass Flat Roofing

If you considering either replacing your roof with a more longer lasting fibreglass roof, we can help you or if you simply want to get some fibreglass repairs in Kerry or a quotation with no obligations attached, your welcome to contact us here and find out some more about getting our best price.

Flat Roofing Dublin Tar and Chip

Bitumen Felt Flat Roof

Felt flat roofs have been around for a long time and have improved over the years in minimising leaks and getting a long lasting surface to protect your home. Give us a call here for our best quote and price today and well get someone out usually within a few hours to give you an estimate.

Flat Roof Repairs

If you considering getting a flat roof repaired or replaced on and want to find out some more info, please get in touch with us to get you the best quote possible and to inform you on the best choices in repairing and replacing a roof and what are you choices, see more in our flat roofings systems guide

Flat Roof Cost Guide

Flat Roofing Cost Guide

All types of flat roofs from fibreglass, felt etc have been around for various lengths of time and each carry its own strengths and weaknesses as well as costs.  When considering a flat roof, it's exciting times as flat roofs in general are cheaper and lend themselves to higher ceiling heights and a more contemporary look and all have greatly improved from the 1980's when flat roofs were of poor quality in comparison to now.  ​Read the information ​presented here of the estimated costs and benefits of each.  Also check out or flat roof guide here.  

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While in the past, flat roofs had a poor reputation due leaking and damp, that's no longer the case, with the advance of today's modern waterproof materials and dampness,  more customers are choosing flat roofs because of their lower cost and their modern design that lends itself to today's homes that are modern and well light up.  Get a quote today on a flat roof repair or installation using local expertise in Kerry. 

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We are confident in our skills and ability. We provide flat roofing services throughout Ireland, each of our flat roof installations are covered by a 20 year guarantee.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

Flat Roofing Dublin Tar and Chip

“​Flat Roofing Repairs​.”

​We are pleased with our new look flat roof it has made a great difference to the look of our property, and now ​it is leak free. During the installation the installers ​were very professional. 

Albert Stewart

Flat Roof Repair Coating

“​GRP Flat Roof.”

​Very pleased with out new roof. The ​roofers, worked wonders to avoid the rain and the whole job was completed cleanly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

Neil ​Shea