Torch on Felt Roofing

Torching on Felt Flat Roofing

Torch on Felt Roofing and Roof Repairs A great low cost option is Bitumen and torch on felt roofs when your looking to cover a flat roof. We offer a wide variety of shapes, styles and colour with our felt roofing systems. All our felt repairs comes fully guaranteed up to 20 years. If your … Read more

Conservatory Roofing

Conservatory Roofing Finished

We transform the way you use your conservatory from seasonal use to daily use, we provide nationwide services including Cork, Dublin to Galway and over to Waterford. Too many conservatories are not used and sit redundant for months each year, many are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. With our … Read more

Considering a TPO Flat Roof

Fitting the Flat Roof

TPO or PVC | What’s the Difference and best place to use each? If you are in the market for a new commercial roofing system.  You start talking with a roofing contractor and he begins with throwing around terms like PVC and TPO. How do you translate that into what flat roof works better for … Read more

EPDM Flat roof

Damaged Flat Roof to be Repaired

Flat roof membrane EPDM Flat roofers repair and Installation is a collection of the best Flat Roofers Ireland has to offer. We install flat roof membrane for over a century of experience in Rubber roofing Technology. Flat roof membrane has successfully produced and installed over 1,000 Million M² of Rubber Guard EPDM worldwide, from … Read more

Flat Roofing Contractors

Flat Roof Repair Coating

Help With Flat Roofing If you have flat roof that needs repair, you’re in the right place. Below you are going to read some tips that will help you to get your flat roof back into good working order. Read through the following information to learn more about roofing techniques. You’re going to want to … Read more

Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs

fibreglass flat roofing

Fibreglass Roof Problems These are a few of the most common problems which can be the causes of leaks with GRP Flat roofs. Below are just a few Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs problems to be mindful of before repairs. Flashings: If the area where your flashings meet an adjoining wall haven’t been sealed correctly, or … Read more

Flat roofing Questions and Answers

Flat Roof Maintenance and Repairs Dublin Apply Patches

Flat roofing questions answered Do flat roofs need to be inspected? Yes, flat roofs should be inspected once a year after storms or high winds which cause debrid to fly and possibly tear the roof . While not a requirement, this ensures that the roof is well maintained, and in many cases can catch small … Read more

Fibreglass Roofing Contractors

flat-roof-repairs rubber coating flat roof

Fibreglass also known as GRP is a hard, plastic-like material that is laid directly on top of a new roofing deck on every installation. It is wet laid on site, giving it a fully-bonded system which is seamless. There are no joints to fail, no laps and it is extremely tough. You can even blow … Read more