Flat roofing questions answered

Do flat roofs need to be inspected?

Yes, flat roofs should be inspected once a year after storms or high winds which cause debrid to fly and possibly tear the roof . While not a requirement, this ensures that the roof is well maintained, and in many cases can catch small problems before they become large ones. It is a great and usually inexpensive form of preventative maintenance.

What causes flat roof’s to fail?

A number of things can cause a flat roof, or really any roof, to fail. Age, weather, damage from falling debris or storms, or a misplaced step from someone walking across the surface of the roof can all cause a roof to fail.

What is the average lifespan of a flat roof?

On average a properly installed and maintained flat roof will have a lifespan of about 20 – 30 years. Many companies will offer a warranty on the roof for 30 years, so you can usually get it replaced once for free.

How often do flat roofs need to be waterproofed?

One properly done waterproofing treatment could theoretically last the life of the roof itself. If you try to waterproof the roof yourself or have it done by a poorly trained contractor, you may have to have the roof redone.

Is it possible to place an air conditioning unit on top of a flat roof?

Yes, as this is something that is often done in commercial buildings. Even so, you should have your roof inspected first to ensure there are no structural defects that would prevent you from doing this.

Can a flat roof be completely waterproofed?

A flat roof is fully waterproofed. However, this should not be attempted as a DIY job, as you will almost certainly end up with leaks afterwards. It is recommended that you hire an expert flat roof contractor to waterproof your flat roof.

Can I go from flat to pitched or vice-versa in the future?

Perhaps you’ve purchased a home with a flat roof, but you want a pitched roof, or even the opposite. The best way to find out what would be involved in making the switch is to ask a Irish roofing company. It may be expensive, since trusses and supports will also need to be changed, but in most cases, it is possible.

How important is waterproofing?

It is important to waterproof your flat roof, in Ireland with its rainy climate and driving winds. Waterproofing involves adding coatings that prevent water from seeping into the roofing materials where they could cause serious damage over time. Waterproofing should only be done by an experienced roofing contractor, since an improper waterproofing job can be completely ineffective and have to be redone.

What is the best material for a flat roof?

There is no one perfect flat roof material. Each home or business owner must decide what suits his or her needs and budget. While fibreglass isn’t quite as expensive as other materials, it offers fewer insulation properties. While rubber is a fantastic insulator, it’s more expensive. You should weigh these options carefully before making a final decision; some are able to pay more up front to reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future.

How much will it cost to place a flat roof on my garage?

Type of roof material you would like to have installed. If there is an existing roof, the cost will be higher because it will have to be removed before the flat replacement can be installed. Our team will be able to provide you with recommendations regarding the type of material that can be use.

Can we use our flat roof to place a table and chairs on so we can enjoy the view around us?

This will depend on how your roof has been constructed and whether it will be able to handle the additional load on it or not. Always consult a professional flat roofer and remember safety first.

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