Fibreglass also known as GRP is a hard, plastic-like material that is laid directly on top of a new roofing deck on every installation.

It is wet laid on site, giving it a fully-bonded system which is seamless. There are no joints to fail, no laps and it is extremely tough. You can even blow fibreglass roofs with a hammer as hard as you like, there will be no damage at all. This is why our regular clients come back time after time with every new roof they need and always recommend the GRP system to anyone they speak to about their lovely new roof.

A correctly installed Fibreglass roof could last for at least 50 years with no deterioration.

The fibre-glass roof must be laid onto a dry deck in dry conditions. That can be difficult with the Irish weather, but it’s not impossible a temperature, not below 0 degrees Celsius is required for proper installation.

Fibreglass comes in any colour, you can get rated A/A+ meaning it is environmentally friendly. It is laid without the use of heat, (no fire-risk to your home or business). Most importantly it is maintenance free, if you wish, you can jet-wash the roof as often as you like to keep it looking well.

Your can walk on it, you can have railings or build a roof terrace on it, put slabs on it, put grass on it, put decking on it, the options are endless compared with other flat roof systems. have also been installing high quality Fibreglass Roofs and providing roof repairs since 1999.

We know that sometimes other contractors don’t get it right, and we are always on hand to help you get the situation resolved.

Once we have left you 100% satisfied, you will be happy, you will want to tell your friends all about your new roof! We get a lot of people enquiring about our Fibreglass Roofing Services because of the great work we have carried out for their friends.

The resins and topcoats used in our fibreglass roof repair are only suitable for use in fibreglass roofing. Only fully trained, vetted and approved installers can fit fibreglass Roofing. Typically two men can strip and re-deck, laminate and top-coat a roof in one day. We have a team of installers that work together to make sure that the job is done to the highest possible standard and we always plan to start the roof when a settled weather forecast is predicted.

So whether your in flat roofs Cork, Limerick, Waterford Galway or Dublin Cities. Call our expert installers now. We offer a Nationwide service to all counties in Ireland

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Fibreglass Roofing Contractors

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