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Flat Roofing Dublin

If you are building or renovating your house, there is nothing better than going for a flat roof. Flat roofing is one of the best roofing solutions that is tested for strength, durability, and longevity. When it is about flat roofing your house, it is important to understand the different types of roofing systems and how you can go about building your house with a flat roofing system and more. There are many good Flat Roofing Dublin companies that claim to be the best in doing flat roofing and other roof repair works.

But when it comes to your own house, you can trust only the best. And we are the best in roofing solutions in Dublin. Let us walk you through some more information of flat roofing and why we are the best.


It is important for you as home or property owner to know the type of roofing material as it will help you make far better decisions about maintenance of your roof and replacing or repairing the old flat roofs. Let us hence walk you through some of the most common flat roofing systems that we usually work with:


If you are looking for a stylish roof with some added functionality of allowing natural sunlight coming into your living areas or porch, Fiberglass roofing is the best option. Fiberglass is made from a reinforced plastic material that is made by weaving plastic and is embedded with glass fibres that are made to lay across each other randomly. Fiberglass is combined with resin that makes it an extremely strong and durable material.


These are roofs that use rubber. Rubber roofing is done either by weighing it down by large river stones or is glued down to the roof surface. Rubber roofing is easy to recognise and spot. You can find them usually stretched tight and placed on fibre boards or insulation boards. Rubber sheets may be covered with stones as done in built up roofing. Rubber roofing is one of the most prominent roofing solutions that are opted by many.


Felt roofing is done by using a tar paper layer that can be installed below the shingles to provide for a waterproof protective layer in case of a seepage or leaking. Felt roofing is needed when you are installing asphalt shingles as the top layer of the roof and so that the bottom layer provided for a good foundation for your top layer. These roofs are built to last long and will last anywhere between 10 to 20 years. The felt acts as a shield against moisture and water. It first repels and then absorb excess water which then evaporates when sunlight heats up the felt roofing.

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This type of roofing uses two layers of PVC material with a Polyester reinforcement material known as scrim in between the two layers. The top layer of the roofing contains additives that are UV resistant and avoid curing. This roofing is extremely durable and extremely resistant to chemicals, fire, hurricanes, strong winds, etc. They are in fact one of the most popular commercial roofing systems available today.


This roofing system consists of a layer that is formed by spraying a high density foam sprayed through a wand. This polyurethane foam is then coated with a waterproofing material that is an elastomeric coat. This top coat often gives a grey or even white reflective feel. These roofing systems are known for the ease of use and durability.


Having flat roofs means you will end up having lesser damages to the roof and once done flat roofing is going to last quite long than any other roofing solutions. When you are getting your flat roofing done through us you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Our team of experts and professionals will ensure you get the best roofing solution at the best price in the fastest possible time. Our team specialises in every aspect of flat roofing you wish to do and will take care of the minutest details.


So what are you waiting for. If your house needs a flat roofing done, give us a call today and see your roof transform into a thing of beauty!! Call us today for enquiry or more.

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